A Tale of Two Types: Generalists vs. Specialists in Mutual Funds Asset Management

with Rafael Zambrana

updated November 2020

Carrot and Stick: A Risk-Sharing Rationale for Fulcrum Fees in Active Fund Management

with Juan Sotes-Paladino

updated December 2020

Does Competition between Stars Increase Output? Evidence from Financial Analyst Forecasts

with Gil Aharoni and Joshua Shemesh

updated October 2019


Short Squeeze Uncertainty and Skewness

with Ilias Filippou and Pedro García-Ares

updated February 2021

Disagreement, Information Quality and Asset Prices

with Costas Xiouros

updated December 2020


Demand for Lotteries: The Choice Between Stocks and Options

with Ilias Filippou and Pedro García-Ares

updated December 2020

Rolling the Skewed Die: Economic Foundations of the Demand for Skewness

with Suk Lee and Aleks Giga

updated May 2018

Skewness Seeking in a Dynamic Portfolio Choice Experiment

with Isabelle Brocas, Juan Carrillo and Aleks Giga

updated January 2019