Asset Pricing Implications Of The Mismatch Between Performance Window And Benchmark Duration

with Idan Hodor

updated May 2021

Rolling the Skewed Die: Economic Foundations of the Demand for Skewness and Experimental Evidence

with Andreas Aristidou, Aleks Giga and Suk Lee

updated April 2021

A Tale of Two Types: Generalists vs. Specialists in Mutual Funds Asset Management

with Rafael Zambrana

updated April 2021

Helping the Little Guy: The Impact of Government Awards on Small Technology Firms

with Aleks Giga, Alexandra Graddy-Reed, Andrea Belz and Richard Terrile

updated February 2021

Betting on the Likelihood of a Short Squeeze

with Ilias Filippou and Pedro García-Ares

updated February 2021

Carrot and Stick: A Risk-Sharing Rationale for Fulcrum Fees in Active Fund Management

with Juan Sotes-Paladino

updated December 2020

Disagreement, Information Quality and Asset Prices

with Costas Xiouros

updated December 2020


Demand for Lotteries: The Choice Between Stocks and Options

with Ilias Filippou and Pedro García-Ares

updated December 2020

Does Competition between Stars Increase Output? Evidence from Financial Analyst Forecasts

with Gil Aharoni and Joshua Shemesh

updated October 2019

Skewness Seeking in a Dynamic Portfolio Choice Experiment

with Isabelle Brocas, Juan Carrillo and Aleks Giga

updated January 2019